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Product-Testing is company which provides high-end technology firms with feedback about their products through the eyes of daily consumers like you! At the end of the product test you are allowed to keep the product for free.

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"Best product testing sites"

With, you get paid to offer feedback on a product from iPhones to Samsung phones. The product test take no more than an hour.

"Product tester"

Get free new technology products for providing live, honest feedback about it. Your reactions as you traipse the site are recorded by product-testing software.

"Get free products to test"

Technology owners often wonder what consumers think when they experience their product for the first time. “As a product tester, you’ll provide feedback via survey,”

"Free phone for your thoughts"

If your secret fantasy is to express your opinions on new technology products, your day has come.


More than 3,000,000 tests taken by users for companies like



Your personal opinion can become the inspiration that others need.

Your personal opinion can become the inspiration that others need.

What if you had the power to get your friends and family the products and services they deserve? You can and you will with us!


Let us help you get your ideas into the right ears.

Let us help you get your ideas into the right ears.

You’re not satisfied with how techonlogy products work ? Tell the companies, tell other consumers, tell everyone.


With great feedback comes great rewards.

With great feedback comes great rewards.

Answer surveys for products, engage in the community and participate in daily lotteries. You can win extra beside the products you test!

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You will test all kind of technologies products from laptops to iPhones from different brands.

Just Fill out the form above to verify your phone number, we will then send the application form. The application takes 2-3 minutes and is for free. Your first product is shipped to you for a small verification fee if you accept to be one of our tester!

Fill out the form, apply to become a tester. We will verify directly if you are able to become a tester. Then we will ship the first product to test to you

For big technologies companies like Apple or Samsung. But, also smaller firms like Huawei are our partners.